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Can Steve Weatherford Break Out of His Slump?

After a fantastic regular season, Steve Weatherford has struggled in the Playoffs. In two postseason games, he has more touchbacks than he did in the sixteen game regular season. He has placed only two of his eleven punts inside the opponent's twenty yard line. The one he had against New England last week could have been ten to fifteen yards deeper.

In a game with two of the top three defenses in the game, field position will be important. Points will be at a premium. Weatherford's pair of clutch punts in the fourth quarter to pin Pittsburgh inside the 10 in the first meeting between the teams was a huge part of the win. The first set up Jason Taylor's tackle in the end zone for a safety. The second forced the Steelers to drive the entire field in the waning seconds, taking up valuable time. The Steelers bled all of their time driving the field.

The Jets will need Steve to step up.