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AFC Championship Game Rematch Will Be Prime Time Wild Card Saturday Game on NBC

The Jets and Colts will play in the Saturday night 8:00 Eastern slot on NBC.

Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth will be behind the mic.

The Jets have won 3 straight games on NBC, including the early game of last year's Saturday Wild Card slate against the Bengals.

The NFC West winner will host the Saints in the early game Saturday on NBC at 4:30. Kansas City will host Baltimore at 1:00 Sunday on CBS. Philadelphia will host Green Bay at 4:30 Sunday on FOX.

I'm a bit surprised the Jets ended up in the primetime slot. I would have thought the two big fan bases on Green Bay and Philadelphia on top of the Michael Vick story might have made that the most attractive game. Then again, this is a New York team that generates a lot of interest against Peyton Manning.