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Current New York Jets NFL Playoff Scenarios

The Jets are officially locked into the AFC's 6 seed at 11-5. The other Wild Card, Baltimore, has a better record at 12-4 and will be the 5 seed.

The Jets will play a road game against the AFC's 3 seed in the first round. It comes down to the Indianapolis-Tennessee game currently taking place.

If the Colts beat the Titans:

The Colts will be the 3 seed at 10-6 because they will win the tiebreaker over 10-6 Kansas City. The Jets will travel to Lucas Oil Stadium for an AFC Championship Game rematch with Indianapolis.

If the Titans beat the Colts:

The Chiefs will be the 3 seed at 10-6 because their record will be better than the AFC South Champion, which will be 9-7. Which team it would be depends on the outcome of the Jacksonville-Houston game. Either way, the Jets would travel to Arrowhead Stadium for a battle with old friend Thomas Jones and the Chiefs.