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B Team Crushes Buffalo

The Jets could not have found a more perfect way to end the regular season. Despite not even dressing some key players and pulling most before the end of the first half, Gang Green demolished the Bills today at Meadowlands Stadium by a 38-7 score to end the regular season at 11-5.

New York avoided injuries and got backups some valuable reps and experience.

Pittsburgh's imminent victory means Gang Green will enter the Playoffs as the 6 seed in the AFC.  That eliminates even a slight chance of hosting a postseason contest and guarantees a trip to New England if this team gets a road victory in the first round.

It must feel good to be Joe McKnight, the biggest star for the Jets today, who could not have ended his regular season on a higher note after almost not even making the roster out of camp.

Leave your thoughts below. The official recap will be up soon.