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New York Jets Will Likely Continue to Pick on Bryant McFadden in Passing Game

Looking back at the first meeting, something sticks out in New York's passing game. The Jets targeted Bryant McFadden, Pittsburgh's second corner on 12 of 29 passing plays. Mark Sanchez hit 9 of those 12 passes for 88 yards, over half of his total.

That is common. Opponents picked on him more than any other Pittsburgh corner. He allowed completions on just under 70% of passes. The 816 yards he allowed was eighth most in the league. Passers had a rating over 100 throwing against him.

Ike Taylor on the other side. Teams completed under 60% of passes on him and a 75.3 rating. The Jets are probably going to stay away from Taylor. Ike is no Darrelle Revis, but either Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes should have a matchup advantage against McFadden.