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There Is No "Correct" Style in Football

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At the risk of sounding like the announcers with canned talking points I mock each week, one things that jumps out at me after Sunday's game is the contrast between the two coaches and their respective styles.

On guy is introverted and likes to keep things close to the vest. One is extroverted and will tell you anything you want to hear and more.

One guy runs a defense where everybody has specific responsibilities and is expected to do their job. One designs his defense to give everybody a chance to be a playmaker.

One guy runs a spread offense based on the short passing game. One likes to rely on the power running game.

One guy demands complete discipline out of his players and expects them to remain tight lipped, sometimes to an extreme. One allows his players to freely express themselves, sometimes to an extreme.

They are both excellent coaches and both very successful. Part of what I love about football is that there is no one magic formula to be successful. There are a lot of different routes one can take. Some thought Bill Belichick's was superior to Rex Ryan's. They were wrong. Rex's isn't necessarily better either. We as fans adopt their own coach's style as our favorite, but like Manish Mehta said, "Here's the truth about and . If they played 100 times, each team would probably win 50 games. Two great coaches."