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Jets-Patriots Is Most Watched NFL Divisional Playoff Game Ever

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Let's face it, not too many people watched Bears-Seahawks yesterday. To most of us Jets fans, no 1 p.m. game even took place yesterday. Hell, the Seahawks would probably wish that were true also, probably at the point they looked up at the scoreboard and saw themselves down 28-0. 

Anyway, the 4:30 p.m. game was a big one, and the Jets stole the show. The AFC Divisional matchup would also go on to set records as far as viewers go. 

Per Brian McCarthy, NFL spokesperson:

Jets-Pats most-watched NFL Div Playoff game ever-43.5m ave viewers. 2)Dallas-Carolina, 1/5/97, 42.7m; 3) KC-Houston, 1/16/94, 41.1

Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch also Tweeted that "Jets-Pats game peaked between 7:30-7:48 PM, ET. At that point, the average viewership was 52.3 million."

... And yeah, Mark Sanchez and Gang Green stole the show.