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VIDEO: Santonio Holmes Makes A Spectacular Catch Vs. New England Patriots

In this video, Jets WR Santonio Holmes makes a spectacular catch (a la Super Bowl XLIII).

This spectacular grab was a huge lift for Gang Green, as Patriots scored to cut the lead to three points and all of the pundits thought it was a drastic momentum shift back to New England.

.... and then Santonio Holmes, Jerricho Cotchery and Mark Sanchez came up big and manufactured a 5 play, 75-yard drive in just 2:13 right at the end of the third quarter. 

After this play, the ball was right back in the good little foot soldiers' court. And it would stay there, in fact, it's still there. We have bigger things to worry about, though. ON TO PITTSBURGH! 

At least the Jets are an equal-opportunity sports organization. Not only did Braylon Edwards overpower and outmuscle Pro Bowl CB Devin McCourty, Santonio Holmes put the moves on and burned CB Kyle Arrington here!