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GGN Game Ball: Dennis Byrd

You might remember during the regular season we had a sponsored post every other week awarding a player a game ball. We do not have a sponsor for this post, but I would like to bring the feature back after yesterday's game. I am not honoring a player with my choice. There were plenty of worthy stars of the game. Instead, I would like to give Dennis Byrd the recognition he deserves.

After his speech to the team Saturday night, Braylon Edwards wrote on Twitter about how inspirational Byrd was. One can only imagine his story of walking again after originally suffering paralysis from a football injury had the same effect on several other Jets.

Those guys went out and honored him by playing the best I have ever seen a Jets team play given the circumstances. Even though he has not played for the team in almost 20 years, Dennis Byrd is still a Jet. He will always be one. The team went out yesterday and won the extra game he would have given anything to get to play in.

Dennis Byrd gets a GGN game ball.