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Why did the Jets Talk So Much Last Week?

In retrospect, I think there were several reasons the Jets did so much talking leading up to the game against the Patriots. I don't think it was because the team is full of arrogant windbags. I think there is a method to the madness.

Building Confidence: After a 45-3 loss, this team's confidence had to have been shaken to the core after the last meeting. I don't care how much this team believed in itself. There had to me some doubt creeping in. The Jets needed to convince themselves they could win to a degree.

Taking Pressure Off the Players: This pertains more to Rex Ryan's talk than anybody else. When the coach takes everything on himself, it takes pressure off the players. The players often end up wanting to play for their coach in that situation since he has their backs.

Inspire the Players: This goes hand in hand with the last one. When a coach talks about how good his players are, the players want to back up the coach's faith.

Distract the Patriots: If you think about it, the talking created a major distraction for the Patriots. They had to answer questions all week about how they would respond.

Get the Patriots Angry: On the same note, sometimes when you get angry trying to prove another guy wrong, you lose focus on what you have to do.

Throw the Patriots Off Their Game: Maybe threatening Wes Welker would make him hesitant to come over the middle by putting something in his mind. Maybe Antonio Cromartie talking about Brady would make Brady leave his gameplan, stop going through his progressions, and try to get back at Cromartie. For the record, I don't think this one worked, but I think it was part of the idea.