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Talking Points Announcers Will Beat Into the Ground Today

I'm sure we'll hear plenty about trash talk from the CBS booth.

You know, the Patriots beat the Jets on this field 45-3 Week 13.

You know, Antonio Cromartie used a lot of profanity in an interview this week when he talked about disliking Tom Brady.

You know, Wes Welker made 11 references to feet at a press conference this week, a subtle jab at Rex Ryan.

You know, Bart Scott threatened Welker and said his days in a uniform are numbered as a result of that.

You know, Danny Woodhead was on the Jets during the preseason.

You know, Rex Ryan has said this game is personal, just like he said about his game against the Colts last week.

You know, Rex Ryan said this game will come down to a battle between him and Bill Belichick.

You know, Rex Ryan said Peyton Manning studies film harder than Tom Brady.