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Today in Trash Talking

This could probably become a daily GGN feature by this point.

We'll start up with Bart Scott making threats against Wes Welker for Welker's subtle jabs at Rex Ryan's foot situation a few days ago.

"I'll tell you what," Scott said, according to Newsday. "Be very careful what you say about our coach. His (Welker's) days in a uniform will be numbered. Put it like that."

And now it's time for heads to explode because a player didn't like verbal jabs an opposing player threw at his coach and says he wants to hit said player hard on the football field. On another note, Ravens head coach expressed pleasure that his team broke Ben Roethliberger's nose in the last meeting between those two teams and few raised an eyebrow because football is, you know, a physical game.

The NFL responded to this by issuing a warning:

Ray Anderson warned teams if any illegal acts occur during this weekend's games, past comments will be considered in evaluating discipline.

Fair enough. It should be. There is no room for cheap shots. Hard, legal hits are certainly fine, though.

Anderson also apparently asked teams to knock off the talk:

NFL VP Ray Anderson contacted all 8 playoff teams late in wk+told them they're all on notice: Respect the game, cut down the trash-talking.

Some players don't like this. Take Damien Woody:

Now the NFL is trying 2 control trash-talking??? Child Please!!!!!

Woody might be a bit biased, though. What about an impartial voice without a dog in the fight this weekend like Maurice Jones-Drew?

@ so in other words they want us to be robots... Have no emotion or passion and we are talking about playoffs ( jim mora voice)


Hey fans I grew up in the bay area in the jack tatum era... So a lil talk is jus fine when the players start acting on it then that's when u fine them... Why do u think fans love this game it violent and everyone loves that.

You don't say? It's just talk? What an interesting concept.

Meanwhile Nick Mangold has made some in New England upset with his little tweak on Wes Welker last night:

I make one little joke and Pats fans get their panties so in a bunch that one person told me to kill myself. Stay classy Foxborough!
You know you've struck a chord when people start coming after me about my sister. All I have to ask is, "why so serious"? This is hilarious
I'm not dumb enough to stereotype an entire fanbase. We have had many good Pats fans add to the discussion here this week. Just keep this nugget in the back of your mind the next time you hear a New England fan trash Jets fans in a blanket statement.

It's also interesting to note that there have been two instances in all of the nonsense of this week where a family member of a participant has been invoked instead of just the participant. In both cases, it was a family member was a Jet.

This game cannot get here soon enough so all of the hype over this side nonsense ends. Both sides have done some talking. (The Jets have clearly done more.) Let's see who can back it up.