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Restaurant Has New York Jets Themed Food for Playoffs

I thought this was pretty cool for anybody in the area. One restaurant is showing team spirit by naming some of its products after Jets.

CGallagher’s Steak House in midtown will re-introduce the sure-winner "Rex Ryan Classic Burger," this time with no bun, as a salute to the now-svelte head coach as just one of its "Go Gang Green Power Lunch" menu items this week. On the heels of the Jets final-second victory over the favored Indianapolis Colts in last Saturday’s Wild Card AFC playoff contest, Gallagher’s has added the "Cromartie CAB Steak*," the "LaDainian Tomlinson Turkey Club," and the "Mark Sanchez Grilled Salmon Filet" (since the quarterback both grills and filets the defense in the closing minutes) to its culinary lineup as Gang Green has its site set on the New England Patriots in Sunday’s divisional matchup.


The "Gang Green Power Lunch" items at Gallagher’s also includes such triumphant returnees from last year’s playoff march menu as the "Braylon Edwards" Beef Tenderloin and Asparagus Salad with Pan Roasted Potatoes, Smoked Bacon and Mustard Vinaigrette; the "Shonn Greene Spinach Salad," the "Darrelle Revis Endive and Beet-up the Offense" Salad, and the "Broadway Joe Burger." Many of the entrees will be served with "Santonio Holmes-Fries."


The menu is priced at $32 (plus tax and gratuity), and is available from 12 noon to 3 pm beginning Wednesday through Sunday, the day of the big game. Gallagher’s Steak House is located at 228 West 52nd Street between Broadway and Eighth Avenue in New York City. For reservations call 212.245-5336.


(*$10 additional)