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Sifting Through the Pre-Game Hype

Since this rivalry began to really heat up over the past decade, one would be hard pressed to find a more anticipated matchup between the two. Everyone already knows the basics: Rex Ryan and Hoody are polar opposites, with each team's players depicting a reflection of the stark difference in personalities. Dominance over the AFC East. New York vs. Boston. Hall of Fame QB against the best defensive mind in football. Oh, and by the way, whoever wins this goes to the AFC title game, while the loser gets to think about it for 8 months. 

We all know Rex like to boast. Personally, I think its great for an organization that has been lingering in mediocrity since the Namath years. It's time for a new approach, its time to take the division and city of New York by the throat. 

These lavish projections of confidence, which are frowned upon by many, are just that: projections of confidence. Rex believes in his team and is not afraid to say it. Which is what makes this week's banter stand out. Rex is no longer just stating "I believe in this team." He went as far to say:

"Clearly, this is about Rex Ryan vs. Bill Belichick"

Now, I have watch just about every press conference Rex has ever held (mostly for entertainment purposes), and never, NEVER has Rex made these games solely about himself. So what is the purpose of this statement?

Rex is a master of manipulating the media. Remember the foot fetish ordeal? Did anyone else find it funny that he started to worry about Sanchez's shoulder the next day? Poof! Just like that, that embarrassing topic is a footnote.

What Rex is doing is taking the pressure off his players. The media and football world will focus on the babbling going back and forth, while he and his player devise their gameplan, as focused as possible; The media needs story-lines, and Rex is a walking bag of headlines. The fooled writers and  talking heads will direct their attention from how bad the last game was and talk about how Tom Brady was at a play, all the while Rex gets his team ready. 

Therefore, its hardly a suprise that his players are already throwing F bombs on a Wednesday morning.