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Injury Updates From Practice

Rod Boone has the scoop.

Santonio Holmes and Brad Smith are practicing. We'll see how much they do later. No sign of Damien Woody though.

I've noticed that Holmes has looked a little ginger walking back to the huddle after plays. I'm guessing holding him out yesterday was more of a comfort thing than anything because he really hasn't shown any signs of limitations in the games.

Woody missing is disturbing. It's not terribly disturbing since Wayne Hunter filled in admirably at the end of the season, and the Pats do not have a pass rusher like Lamarr Woodley or Julius Peppers, both of whom he handled well. It would just be rough to lose Woody right after he so dominated Robert Mathis to continue what might be his finest year.

Boone has some bad news on Smith, though.

Brad Smith yet to get any reps as are going through special teams drills. He's wearing a ski cap and standing by the ref.

I guess Antonio Cromartie should get return to return kickoffs. If Brad is healthy, I think he should be the guy just because the Jets depend on him less to do other stuff relative to the injury risk. If he's less than 100%, though, the Jets need as much productivity as possible in this one from special teams.

No Wildcat would hurt the offense, though. The Jets don't utilize the zone read as much as other teams in practice. They use a lot more traditional option plays with a guy there to take a pitch. Smith has years of experience from playing quarterback in college. I'm not sure anybody else on the roster would be able to take his spot there.