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Winner of Rex Ryan "Get Coached" DVD: JetsFanMurphy

Thank you to everybody who entered the contest to win the Rex Ryan motivational "Get Coached" DVD. Everybody who entered did a great job thinking up a play under Brian Schottenheimer's mindset. It was very difficult to pick a winner. Ultimately, I have decided by a very close margin that the winner is JetsFanMurphy who made this submission:

OK it’s first down on the opening drive
Brad Smith is under center
LT is in the backfield
Sanchez is the wide out to the right
Richardson is the Inside wideout to the left
Braylon Is Outside on the left
Smith motions for Richardson to move in
Hikes the ball when Richardson goes into I formation
Hands the Ball to LT
LT Laterals to Brad Smith
He throws it behind him to Mark who moved back on the play
Mark looks to Braylon on a Deep Crossing pattern
Sees he’s open
Goes to throw
SURPRISE It’s a pump fake
He dumps it off to Richardson for a two yard gain
Second down

JetsFanMurphy should expect to hear from me soon about sending the DVD.

If you're disappointed you didn't win, just know that we have a second DVD we'll be giving away next week.

Thank you to all who entered.