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GGN Giveaway: Victor1 "Get Coached" DVD Starring Rex Ryan

We have a giveaway here on GGN during this big week. The folks at Victor1 have produced a series of self help DVD's starring football coaches who apply lessons they have learned coaching to real life situations.

Rex Ryan is one of the coaches featured. I had a chance to preview his DVD. I thought it was good. It leaves you with a chance for self-reflection because Rex's advice is good and the kind of thing one should incorporate in their day to day life.

We are going to give a copy of the DVD away and have a contest to determine who gets it.

How to enter:

In the comments section, design an offensive play using Brian Schottenheimer's mindset. Be sure to describe the actions each player will take, any presnap movement, the formation, the game situation, and the rationale behind each move. The member with the most creative/ridiculous yet frustratingly plausible play gets the DVD.

The deadline to enter is 8:00 PM Eastern on Tuesday.