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Nick Folk: Quietly Drilling Kicks And Forcing Previous Doubters Like Me To Eat Crow

It was late-February 2010 when I made it a point to voice my distaste with GM Mike Tannenbaum & Co. for signing K Nick Folk in a cost-cutting move.

Quietly, Folk has silenced his doubters and drilled eight of his last eight field goals; the former Dallas Cowboys' castoff has not missed a kick since Dec. 6, 2010.

It was not a warm welcome in the offseason for Folk, though.

Former kicker Jay Feely had the experience of kicking in bad weather and in the swirling winds at the Meadowlands, while Folk had the propensity to miss a clutch kick nearly every time he was killed upon. From a team that made moves in the offseason with a Super Bowl run in mind, bringing Folk aboard was a disconcerting thought.

Apparently, Folk never got that memo. He has nailed 30 of 39 field goals he has attempted this year, and all 37 of 37 extra points.

Folk's parents, Tony and Kathryn, were overjoyed and reveling in their son's game-winning field goal on Saturday night. Their house was rocking, and Tony even called it "a mad house."

New York Post's Mark Cannizzaro published an article highlighting the emotion in the Folk household:

"We were yelling and screaming," he [Tony] said. "We were jumping up and down."

On Sunday, Folk returns to the very location he last missed a kick in - Gillette Stadium.

We like to make predictions and speculate about things, that's the power of sports blogging. At the same time, we are held accountable just like anyone else.

I was wrong about Nick Folk - plain and simple. This is me eating crow for it!