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Brodney Pool Out For Monday?

Brodney Pool has been relegated to working on the stationary bike this week after suffering an ankle injury. Rich Cimini (quite confidently) suggests that Pool will be a spectator as the Jets kick-off their 2010 season on Monday against the Baltimore Ravens:

He hasn't practiced since the injury and won't play in the season opener Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens, although he hasn't been officially ruled out of the game.

Now just speaking from personal experience (I've had ankle issues for around 4 years now), it's the kind of injury you give a lot of time to. He's still getting the game plan, he's been commended on picking up the defence. You don't test an ankle, you give it as much time as possible to heal.

I'm not saying that Cimini is wrong here, perhaps he has heard something from his inside sources. However I wouldn't be so quick to 100% rule him out, remember we are still 4 days away.

If he can't go then it looks like Eric Smith will take charge. His range is not the best, but I have faith that he will do the job asked of him. Although as Cimini goes on to point out, that does leave a hole on the special teams unit.