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2010 New York Jets Hype. What Hype?

I try and get around to talk to a lot of rival fans for GGN, it's not always fun but it usually throws up a few issues that get you thinking. The main one this off-season has been the hype surrounding the 2010 New York Jets. We have seen fans come over here complaining about the coverage we have been receiving and although some were talking about Rex Ryan's bold Superbowl predictions, the main stream media were also mentioned.

So the MSM really hype the Jets? I didn't think so, they were still the same as they are every year. Is Fave retiring, are Tom Brady and Peyton Manning OK? I never saw the extra "special" coverage of the Jets. Something only a few crave and the majority are thankful we avoid.

Now sites are starting to release their ever so bold and usually inaccurate pre-season projections. These seem to vindicate the stance that nobody is talking up the Jets Superbowl credentials apart from Rex Ryan, and lets be honest, that should be old news by now and people should be able to keep walking on by without a glimpse.

First we look to the NFL official website, and they have brought together seven of their experts to predict the outcome of the 2010 NFL season. The Jets fail to make the Superbowl in any of the experts predictions, the Jets also fail to make the AFC Championship title game in any and only make the play-offs in 4 of the 7 predictions.

I then scooted on over to ESPN to take a look at the pigskin panel of experts. 25 more experts, and 25 cases where the Jets fail to make it to the big dance.

It just goes to show that although the Jets may have improved substantially and while they may have all the pieces in place. Experts still find it hard to look at Gang Green as potential Superbowl candidates. Rex may be loud and proud but the media darlings remain the same.

I know nobody here (at least I hope) needs media justification or validation of our own potential. I know that these picks are merely names out of a hat judged on paper. However with people seeming to be using the media attention and hype as a reason to speak/look negatively upon the Jets, perhaps we should explain that they are merely seeing a mirage.

Rex Ryan believes in the team, that much is true. We get more coverage, media swoon over a chance to catch Rex saying something he shouldn't. The New York papers print more green than blue, and we may have stepped beyond the tag of the ugly step brother of the Giants.

However the media still have reservations, and the hype exploding all around newsrooms across America is bypassing New York for Green Bay and Baltimore.