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Jason Davis Sets the Record Straight

Jason Davis tweets about the "Hard Knocks" editing.
Jason Davis tweets about the "Hard Knocks" editing.

I felt compelled to write about this because my real-life work is in video production.  When I watch interviews or documentaries, I can pick out where there are possible cuts in the audio.  I can also tell based on visuals how the editor tries to "hide" it. 

I've also watched every season of "Hard Knocks," so I know how the show works.  They don't necessarily plan on covering a specific player, but they seem to cover everybody and when a player is cut, injured or whatever, they put together whatever footage they have to make it work.

From watching FB Jason Davis on past episodes, as well as on youtube clips and features, he seems to be a stand-up guy, hungry and with a killer instinct.  That's just my opinion.  When I saw on last night's episode that he supposedly turned down some reps, I was surprised.  It was the first time I've seen him painted in any kind of negative light.

Thanks to social media, Davis was able to respond and defend himself via twitter.  Jason explained that it was a scout team rep, and the reason he didn't go in was because of an ankle injury.  He told this to the coach, but HBO chose not to show it.

As for RB Chauncey Washington talking to him, Davis explains that that was about a different matter.  Apparently, Jason made one of the coaches mad (most likely STC Mike Westhoff), and he was cursed out on the field.  He was down in the dumps, and Chauncey was trying to cheer him up.

Jason Davis says he's not a quitter.  I happen to believe him.  You don't have to agree.  But now you've heard his side of the story.