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Hard Knocks Episode 5 Recap: The Return of Revis Island

All good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, tonight the fifth episode of HBO's reality series did just that, with an action-packed episode that covered many topics.

However, how was veteran FB Tony Richardson's release and return not even mentioned?

Regardless, it was great to hear the rationalization behind some roster moves, and how the 53-man roster and practice squad has shaped up to be what it currently is. On to the recap...


Rex in talking to the team during a pep-talk -

"That's what the NY Jets are about.." "Play like a NY Jet."

Cue Mike Tannenbaum's  2nd trip to Roscoe's Diner-Jets present new deal to Revis' agents. A 5.5 hour trip, that's a long way for a burger!

Rex and secondary coach Dennis Thurman visit Revis' house to speak with him.

Woody to Tannenbaum on Revis saga: "I can assure you I'm not stressed." "...We're in New York, we can't be hustled."

Florham Park:

Rex on LB Cory Reamer: "As many minuses as you can put in [Cory] Reamer's box, put it in there." 

Cue footage of the Panthers' game, and RB Chauncey Washington providing a big hit to force a fumble. Rex: "What a hit!! What a f**king hit!!!"

Washington was given the game-ball--- However, RB Anthony Lynn says he's struggling with learning the system,  but is working very hard and provides the Jets with a lot of versatility (something Rex loves).

Cue Hard Knocks citing FB Jason Davis for turning down reps in practice: Tonight, Davis did not like the way he was portrayed, issuing the following statement on twitter:  "JasonDavis43: I didn't turn the rep down that's when I hurt my ankle! Damn Hardknocks thanx a lot"

Lynn On Jason Davis - " I don't see the confident guy that I saw in OTA's and minicamp."

Payback on Sanchez --- DC Mike Pettine and members of Jets' coaching staff filled his entire car with packing peanuts as a prank. Hilarious!

Rex talking to Sanchez, informing him he will call the offensive plays in Eagles' game--  Says he had Ed Reed and Ray Lewis call a game awhile back when in Baltimore, and that they became frustrated quickly.

Westhoff on Danny Woodhead- "He's a tough little guy.." "...He does do 5000 different things."
Westhoff on David Clowney - "Clowney doesn't make a difference for us."

Philadelphia Eagles game:

Sanchez calling the shots, and dials up the TD pass to a wide-open TE Jeff Cumberland"This is so easy Schotty, you suck!" LOL.

Encouraging sign-Sanchez covering his mouth while calling the plays on offense.

Rex on McKnight after his third fumble of the preseason - "Nothing worse then a fumbler."

Danny Woodhead - Rex nicknames him "Eagle Killer." Says,  "Look at that, look at that little f***er!"

Rex to the team after the game - "We can't keep everybody, that's the nature of this business. "There's going to be some tough decisions to make."

T-RICH BREAKING IT DOWN WITH THE TEAM -- "AND THE HOME.... OF THE... JETS!!!!" Very inspiring, awesome.

Return to Florham For ‘Cut Time'

Jason Davis after being cut, To Tannenbaum:"You know now, that when I come in here, I'm coming for that ass now." With a vindictive look on his face, Davis reiterates how competitive it is to play in the NFL.     

Rex and Woody Johnson travel to Florida to meet with Sean Gilbert and Darrelle Revis one last time.

Rex during a conference call with Revis' agent, steams out of the room after agent continues to press money isue :  "I'm gonna go coach this team and get them ready for Baltimore." "Three years left on a f***ing contract. Watch Monday night, watch what the f*** happens." Whole room goes silent

Schotty tries to break the silence after Rex leaves, and says with a smile: "What's the negotiation playbook say now?"

Schottenheimer says he didn't plan to use Clowney on first four regular season games on offense, Clowney is then called in to Tannenbaum's office to be cut. After which, Clowney says Westhoff and him never got on same page. Clowney dealt with the release in a very professional manner, class act.

Rex to Chauncey Washington - "Right now, I'd like to get you on this practice squad initially. If you're patient enough, you can get back on the active roster."


Tannenbaum about Revis' agents: "We called them some time after midnight. They wanted to get something done, we wanted to get something done."

Cue the 1:15 AM media conference call with Bruce Speight and Mike Tannenbaum - Tell media they've reached an agreement in principle with Revis' camp.

Revis in Newark airport, signing an autograph and on the way to the facility. "I can't wait [to get there]." Revis said.

Revis enters the field, team  kneels down on one knee in jest to greet him.

We conclude this wonderful series, with the best possible ending. Revis BREAKS IT DOWN and ends practice on a high note, "Jets on 3...... 1-2-3 JETS"

Even if it was a bit short, that was one hell of a series. HBO definitely won't regret picking the Jets! Between 'Rex-isms,' 'Westhoff-isms,' pranks, cuts, negotiations between Jets' FO and Revis' camp, and some hard-nosed football being played --- this was certainly well worth the watch. 

Props to HBO and NFL Films for putting on such an excellent production!