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New York Jets Own the Ultimate Scouting Report on the Baltimore Ravens

The Jets have a hidden edge in one area of the opener against the Baltimore Ravens. Rex Ryan can put together a more detailed scouting report on the opponent than any coach in the league aside from John Harbaugh. He spent a decade as an assistant there. He saw a lot of these players every day during the year and in every game they played. He knows their strengths and weaknesses and how to attack them. He knows the offensive scheme. The defensive scheme run by Greg Mattison is just about the same as the one he put in as defensive coordinator even if tendencies are different.

You might argue some of this advantage is mitigated by the way the Ravens know Rex Ryan's scheme. Joe Flacco went up against it every day in practice for a year. What they lack is an insider's perspective on Brian Schottenheimer's offense or an intimate knowledge of the players on the roster.

It might not decide the game, but familiarity is a good thing for the Jets in Week 1.