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Nevermind Batman and Robin, We've Got Jordan and Pippen!

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With shutdown CB Darrelle Revis back practicing in Florham Park, the Jets secondary is, arguably the best in the NFL going into the season. This isn't a stretch, being that the Jets had the number one-ranked pass defense throughout almost the entire season last year, giving up only 169.1 ypg through the air.

CB Antonio Cromartie was brought in to replace CB Lito Sheppard this season. Cromartie was involved in some locker room disagreements with teammates last year, namely S Eric Weddle. All of that is in the past now, as 'Al-Cro-Traz' has relocated to the east coast, operating in a new system in a new environment.

Now, the two (Revis and Cromartie) will be starting alongside each other sporting the green and white, and if Cromartie can return to his 2007 form, the Jets may be looking at one of the best CB tandems in NFL history.

But what to name them?

Cromartie had some ideas, and he informed the NY Post about what they were:

"We're Jordan and Pippen," Cromartie proclaimed yesterday in the midst of a Jets locker room giddy after Revis ended his 36-day holdout by signing a four-year contract.

"He's Jordan and I'm Pippen...." "Me tag-teaming with the best cornerback in the NFL and being his sidekick, I'm Pippen and that's something I look forward to."

I can dig it! We've spoke about this here on GGN, and I firmly believe playing alongside Revis will help Cromartie put up monster numbers this season.