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Cimini: Darrelle Revis Deal Contains a No Holdout Clause

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Cimini gives us a breakdown on the Revis deal with an interesting provision.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the contract is the holdout clause. Technically, it's a seven-year deal, but if Revis doesn't hold out through 2013, the final three years are voided and he becomes an unrestricted free agent. There's a clause in the contract that says they can't restrict him with the franchise or transition tag (if those still exist under a new CBA).

Florio doesn't think this would prevent a holdout. I actually agree with him. The Revis people this time left $20 million guaranteed on the table by holding out. This wouldn't necessarily prevent it in the future.

Here's the thing Florio doesn't mention, though. If it happens, the Jets have protected themselves by keeping Revis under their control for three extra years and making sure he can't escape.