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Roster Round Up

Since Revis news has dominated the day, it is worth discussing some minor roster news from the weekend.

The Jets claimed Patrick Turner from Miami presumably to add receiver depth while Santonio Holmes is out, provide insider information on Miami's offense for Week 3, and reunite Mark Sanchez with one of his favorite targets in college.

The Jets cut Tony Richardson but will resign him and get rid of Brian Jackson.

David Clowney and Chauncey Washington got waived. Clowney had plenty of chances. He didn't do it as a receiver and did not look great on special teams. I am disappointed to see Washington go. He had good potential and played well in preseason. I would have loved to see him stick as the third back with Joe McKnight struggling.

Patrick Brown and Marcus Dixon will replace them. Brown is a tackle who spent last season on Minnesota's practice squad. He played college ball at Central Florida, where he made a couple of All Conference USA teams. He started at left tackle starting in his freshman year. He also spent time with Carolina and New England in the NFL. He's a big athletic guy at 6'5" and 310 pounds to see whether Bill Callahan can develop and perhaps provide some information on the Vikings in a few weeks. A lot of Vikings fans I've seen like his potential and wanted to see him back on their practice squad. Dixon was an undrafted free agent who was with Dallas on their practice squad since 2008. Dixon is 6'4" and 284 pounds. He worked at defensive end in the Cowboys' 3-4. He's a developmental player for the other line.

Some say the Jets signed Jarron Gilbert from the Bears to the practice squad. Others say this is not so. Dwight Lowery's former college teammate made very little impact for Chicago as a rookie. At this point, he's more of an athlete than a football player. He has incredible athleticism and the physical build to play end in the 3-4 and 4-3 or tackle in the 4-3. A YouTube clip of him jumping out of the pool made him a legend before the Draft. If true, it would be a great move. I'd love to see the coaching staff get its hand on this guy.