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Darrelle Revis Saga: Winners and Losers

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Now that our long nightmare is over, we can take a look at the people coming out looking good and bad.


Jets Fans: The Jets are going to have a heck of a team on the field next week. We will now be able to watch the best defensive player in the sport.

Darrelle Revis: He wanted a huge contract with a lot of guaranteed money. He got a huge contract with a lot of guaranteed money and the ability to hit free agency again for another payday while still in his prime.

Neil Schwartz and John Feinsod: We can debate whether we liked the way the Revis team handled the situation, but they ultimately scored for their client the deal they promised him.

New York Jets: They held onto an elite player. Taking care of top notch homegrown talent also makes the club look good.

Antonio Cromartie: A lot of pressure just came off his shoulders.

Dan Graziano: The AOL Fanhouse writer was ahead of the game. He told us the sides were making progress ahead of even the beat writers with established sources. Unlike some of his counterparts, he didn't make wild promises that did not come true.


AFC Wide Receivers: Antonio Cromartie seems like a heck of a lot easier matchup than Revis.

Tim Cowlishaw: Simply put, he wrote checks his posterior could not cash. Unlike Graziano, he was brash and openly insulted anybody who questioned him. Perhaps he attains some measure of vindication in that the deal eventually got done, but his reputation took a hit in this saga.

Mike Florio: He has claimed in the past the Jets do not take care of their young stars. He is wrong....again.

Jason Cole: Cole wrote one of the biggest piece of garbage articles the other day in the history of football journalism. It was full of wild speculation with little in the way of substantive factual information. Just days later, his hypothesis has been debunked.