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Darrelle Revis Speaks

Darrelle Revis held a press conference today discussing the end of his holdout.

The first words out of Darrelle Revis' mouth at his press conference just now were these:

"Sorry, to the fans.''


"This is a process I don't wish it on nobody,'' Revis said. "It was something in my life I had to go through... This humbled me very much, just because I love to play football.''

The link will provide you with video getting reactions from Revis, Woody Johnson, Rex Ryan, and teammates.

At the end of the day, what did this holdout really mean? The answer is not a whole lot. I think we were all very nervous about Revis sitting out the season. It would have hurt the Jets in a big way. He missed training camp. He missed the preseason. Who really cares? Will any of that side music really matter if he comes out and shuts down Anquan Boldin in a week? He's everybody's guy again.