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Tony Richardson Returns, Brian Jackson Says Goodbye

Rex Ryan confirmed it during this afternoons press conference and Pro Football Talk got it down, good news to add on top of good news, the sprinkles on the iced muffin: passes along word that Jets coach Rex Ryan confirmed today that the team re-signed Richardson a day after cutting him.

We noted this morning that Richardson could re-join the team this afternoon, so Ryan's confirmation isn't a surprise. But it's still not completely clear why the Jets decided to cut Richardson yesterday.

We give PFT a hard time here and usually it is for good reason, however we do give credit where it is due, and PFT this morning said we would be bringing him back today, and they were right...(someone from PFT might want to take a screen shot of that, because it doesn't happen a solar eclipse)

A lot of people were quite frankly, furious when we released T-Rich. Myself included. I knew the franchise could not be that stupid though. He still performs, he has a student to teach and he offers invaluable leadership that is severely lacking on the offensive side of the football.

So although you have only been gone a matter of hours, welcome home.

As far as Brian Jackson is concerned, he mouthed off a little bit, was crowed king ugly and tied to a goal post. All fond memories I'm sure. He was actually decent in pre-season action, perhaps we will look at him again in the future.