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Jets Close to Deal with Revis

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Over the last month, there have been many "reports" about the Revis contract impasse ending.

None of them have proven to be true.

However, a weird series of events have come about in the last six hours, so let's look at a timeline which highlights them all, most of them through Tweets. 

Timeline of Tweets


  1. Manish Tweeted

    BREAKING: Rex Ryan & Revis met in Fla this weekend 2discuss contract impasse. No resolution yet. But lines of communication open #jets #nfl

  2. "Incarcerated Bob," a member of 660 FAN's Boomer and Carlton's radio show staff, Tweeted the following:

    **BREAKING NEWS** NY Jets are close to finalizing a new contract deal with Darrelle Revis . Jets freed up cap space for guaranteed money

    **BREAKING NEWS** 3 sources / 1 close to Revis states this deal is in place & should be wrapped up before Thursday. Lawyers will finalize it

3.       Charity Washington, Leon Washington's wife, Tweeted the following. Remember, Leon was a close               friend to Revis:

      Well at the end of the day u Jet fans will be                   very happy VERY soon :)

Also, Tony Richardson was released earlier today, just as Coles was, in an obvious cost-cutting move in which the Jets will try to sign both AFTER week 1 to save money. It really to seemed as if there was a reason as to T-Rich was spontaneously released, after Rex has been saying for weeks that there was a spot for him on this team.

Through all of these reports, you all know I'm the last person to sit around and report them all, I questioned the validity of most of them. Sure, "Incarcerated Bob" may not be a credible source, but it seems as if a lot of pieces are falling into place. 

For the first time, I'm going to go on record saying I do believe these reports, and that by Thursday night, before the Vikings and Saints kick off the 2010-11 season, a Darrelle Revis deal will most likely be in place.