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Message to the Jets: Do Not Trade Darrelle Revis

I have been pretty vocal in my calls for the Jets to make Darrelle Revis the highest paid cornerback in the league. I think he's worth it. It does not seem like the team is willing to go to those lengths. I have one piece of advice for the Jets then. Make to clear to Revis that he will not be traded.

Right now Revis has two pieces of potential leverage. The first is the defense cannot survive losing him. That remains to be seen. If Anquan Boldin, Randy Moss, and Brandon Marshall go nuts the first three weeks without Revis, the pressure on the Jets will be enormous to get something done. A rough start in 1993 forced the Cowboys to cave to holdout Emmitt Smith's demands. If the players replacing him struggle, this situation might be beyond the team's control.

The second piece of leverage Revis might have in his mind is his ability to force a trade. Disgruntled players frequently do it. Jay Cutler was the most recent example. They tell their employer they will never play again for the team. To get something in return, the team usually gives in. The thing is the team is under no obligation to make a trade. Revis is under contract for three more years. The Jets control his rights. If they make it clear they will under no circumstances trade him, he will have no option other than to try and work something out with Gang Green.

Dealing him would make zero sense for the Jets. They will never get equal value. What if they got a huge haul like two first round picks? What are the odds either guy will be as valuable as Revis? What are the odds the two guys combined will be as valuable as Revis? The answer is close to zero.

If the Jets do not want to pay Revis what he wants, let him sit. Let him rack up fines. Schefter tells us he's over half a million. Let him lose some of the best years of his career. Realizing his other option would be to play for Winnipeg in the CFL would certainly give his advisors a different perspective.

I'm writing this as much for posterity as anything. Trading Revis would make no sense. It is a bad idea for the Jets. The notion costs them leverage. If it heaven forbid happens, nobody say the team didn't have a choice. The team does have a choice. Make it clear to Revis that he will remain under the control of the Jets.