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Defensive Line Depth Returns

When the Jets lost Kris Jenkins, it hurt in two areas. The first blow was losing a playmaker the team could not replace. The second blow was losing depth. With Mike Devito forced into the starting lineup, the Jets lost a guy they could sub in a rotation to keep the other guys fresh. While this team will not be able to find a guy like Jenkins, today's signing of Trevor Pryce helps to elminate the second concern.

As GGN memberBIG OH!!!!! wrote today, Vernon Gholston's big camp and preseason feel like a long time ago. He has been every bit as unremarkable in the first three games of this season as he was in his first two years in the league.

Last year's Ravens refugee on the defensive line, Marques Douglas, was a specialist against the run. Price is at his best as a pass rusher. He posted a 13 sack season in 2006 and had 6.5 last year.

The Jets will use him to spell Devito and Ellis to keep them fresh and stick Price on the field on obvious passing downs to try and add to the pass rush.