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Terry Bradshaw Fires Some Jabs at Rex

The Jets and HC Rex Ryan have certainly been turning heads with their strong language use in Hard Knocks. Rex's attitude has essentially placed a target on the Jets' head, making them the team everyone wants to beat in 2010-11.

Both Tom Brady and Rodney Harrison have expressed their discontent over the HBO reality show,  Cowboys' LB Keith Brooking said the Jets haven't proven anything, and Tony Dungy whined to the NFL about Rex's explicit word choice. However, a new entity has now come forward and slammed them.

Hall of fame QB/Fox commentator Terry Bradshaw, who had some comments for KTBS television.

"He doesn't play, easy for him to shoot his mouth off," Bradshaw told Louisiana television station KTBS. "He doesn't make a tackle, he doesn't run the ball, he doesn't make a catch or throw the ball.

"He's putting a lot of pressure on his young quarterback, so if they can't run the football, they're going to have to throw it, and they can't pass protect ... He'll shut up real quick."

"Ya know what, I don't like guys like that, OK."

Meh, tell it to someone who cares, because Rex and Co. don't. Maybe him and FOX's Joe Buck can go sip some strawberry Mojitos on the beach and discuss it?