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Revis' Grandmother Chimes In

Everybody seems to have a take on the Darrelle Revis situation. Now the All Pro's grandmother is chiming in.

"Darrelle does what he does because he loves it," she said, sitting at her dining-room table. "For this to be happening to him, it's almost like a slap in the face, because he's not appreciated."


"If he does," Gilbert said of sitting out the season, "it won't be because of Sean. It'll be because the Jets don't give him a decent contract."

First let me implore you to read the entire article Cimini wrote. This was just a tiny snippet.

Now I don't blame her for taking her grandson's side. That's what grandmothers should do.

Things like this make it clear why Revis is losing the PR war badly. Again, a grandmother is going to take the side of her grandson and repeat what he is saying. Darrelle might not be happy with what the Jets are offering, but all indications are the team is willing to make him the second highest paid corner in the league. Do I think the Jets should make him the highest paid? Yes, I do, but what they are offering is hardly a slap in the face.

I've noticed a trend with these people. Everything is 100% somebody else's fault when they talk in public. There always has to be a shot at the other side. They can't just offer remarks about hoping the sides come together.