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Jets Must Contain C.J. Spiller

The Bills raised a lot of eyebrows when they picked C.J. Spiller in the first round of April's NFL Draft. My eyebrows were among them. I am usually a proponent of taking the best player available, but the Bills had so many holes on the roster. Running back was not among them. It seemed like a really odd pick.

I still feel that way, but Spiller worries me in this game. He is averaging under 4 yards per touch from scrimmage. This includes a 3.7 average on receptions. He's still incredibly fast and athletic. The guy is dangerous in space. Despite the low yardage, he has been a key part of Buffalo's passing game. Spiller leads the Bills with 11 receptions. The Bills can throw to him out of the backfield and split him wide.

The Jets' issues against the screen are well documented. It's a trade off for any team that blitzes frequently. So many guys running upfield can get caught out of position once the ball is thrown. The Bills do not have many offensive weapons or a quarterback with a track record of playing well. Spiller can help make up for their offensive deficiencies with a homerun or two.