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Hey Miami, You've Actually Won Something: Current AFC East Leader in Arrests

Amidst all of the Braylon Edwards' DUI talk, SI's Peter King did some digging in a piece he featured in his Monday Morning QB column. He found out something interesting, something I haven't seen Dolphins fans talking about. It's understandable, as they did lose Sunday night on their home field in front of a national audience (JUST SAYING..).

Back to the topic at hand: the media has had a field day with Edwards. Writers such as David Whitley, Gary Myers, and others have lambasted Rex Ryan, Woody Johnson, and Mike Tannenbaum for how they handled the situation.

However, were the Jets held to a higher standard than the rest of the AFC East? King points out something very interesting, citing that Jets actually have the least arrests in the division during the Rex Ryan era! Edwards was Gang Green's first player to be arrested, whereas Miami and Buffalo combined for 11! All of which, went undisciplined during the following week's game.

The number of arrests, per team, in the AFC East since January 2009, when Rex Ryan was named coach of the Jets:

Miami: 6.

Buffalo: 5.
New England: 1.

New York: 1.


According to an arrest log kept by, there have been 22 players arrested for driving while impaired or DUI since Jan. 1, 2009. I went back and checked what happened to each player arrested, and not a single one who was a viable NFL player was kept out of his team's next game.

So there you have it, Miami actually beat us in something. Unfortunately, it's for the "lack of discipline" award.

To the David Whitleys of the world, why didn't you write a column slamming Miami and their 63 billion minority owners that didn't discipline their arrested players. That's six arrests, NONE of which resulted in any disciplinary action the following week.

Gotta love the writers that pick and choose who to attack due to personal bias.

When Chicken of the Sea's own RB Ronnie Brown and CB Will Allen were arrested on suspicion of DUI this past offseason, why were they not disciplined?