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Could Jets' Perception Be Contributing to Numerous Penalties?

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The Jets are a grind-it-out, physical team, and they made it a point to show that on 'Hard Knocks.' HC Rex Ryan is now known as a guy that fields a hard-hitting, smack-talking, team.

Furthermore, with all of the smack talk on 'Hard Knocks,' is it possible that they upset a couple of officiating crews with their flamboyant demeanor which went on during the show?

Jets play a lot of press coverage in their secondary, and the offensive lineman love to play physical and use their hands when blocking. Are refs now looking for that when they officiate Jets games?

During the Ravens' game, after the ghost call on CB Kyle Wilson in the end zone on WR TJ Houshmandzadeh, I told a friend that I thought Jets might be called for more penalties this year because they will be more closely watched than other teams. After seeing the last two games, I'm starting to think that theory might have some validity.

In the first three games of this season, Jets have been penalized 29 times for 264 yards. Last season, the Jets were penalized only 88 times, which is an average of 5.5 per game.

So GGN, are the officials getting a bit carried away with the flags? Or have all of these penalties been warranted?