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Should a Team Up By Seven Points Go for Two?

Last night when the Jets scored a touchdown in the final 2:00 to go up by 8, it brought up a situation I have thought about a lot through the years. I think there is a legitimate argument to be made for going for a 2 point conversion in that spot.

Think it through. It is kind of like a free shot to ice the game in that situation. If the Jets went for it and hit it, they would have been up by 9 points. The game would have essentially been over. Had they missed, they would still be up by 7. A touchdown still would have only tied it.

Maybe if the Dolphins were down by 7 and scored, they would have gone for 2 and the win. The thing is very few coaches would make that call and risk the backlash of throwing away a chance to win it in overtime if it doesn't work. Assume Miami had gone for 2. The Jets would have had to stop a 2 point conversion to win if they were up by 8 anyway.

What do you think?