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Welcome to the Good Side

Neil Smith was a DE who was drafted by Kansas City. After nine years with the Chiefs, he went to division rival Denver, and QB John Elway had these words for him, "Welcome to the good side." He would soon win back-to-back Super Bowls with the Broncos.

This is what I immediately thought of and hoped for when we signed OLB Jason Taylor from Miami. I'm not saying that Miami is the bad side - or Kansas City, for that matter. But basically, I accepted it right away.

Unlike most of us here, I've never hated Taylor, mostly because I don't really remember him beating us that much in the past. I admit there have been fleeting moments through the years when I've imagined what it would be like to have Jason play for us. I've also had the same kind of thoughts about QB Brett Favre, but I didn't like how that came to be realized, because I wasn't happy with how QB Chad Pennington was jettisoned. With Jason, however, we just added him to the fold, and we didn't get rid of OLB Bryan Thomas to do it.

Tonight will be a big night for Jason the Jet, and I'm hoping he actually does play. How does everybody feel about him so far? Don't tell me you didn't enjoy this sack on QB Tom Brady last week:

Is it still weird seeing him in green and white? If you still don't like him, what will it take to finally accept him?