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Q & A with Darrelle Revis' Manager: John Geiger

John Geiger has a job most of us dream of having. He manages arguably the best CB in the NFL and he's just living the dream.

From award shows, to parties at the Playboy Mansion, to bouncing around from tailgate to tailgate at Jets' games, to testing various sports video games before they hit the shelves, Geiger lives a good life. However, that's not all he does, and being a manager is no easy job and entails working long hours.

We were lucky enough to speak with Geiger, and here's what he had to say:

How did you and Darrelle first become friends? How long have you all known each other?

We were friends in grade school on the same AAU basketball team, then going into high school we were rivals in basketball, so during school we would talk junk to each other. In the summer, we played together all over the US.

Do you think Darrelle's off-the-field personality shines through when he is on the field playing?

 I think when Rell is on the field he's all business. He's working, he loves it and right now the spotlight is on him. Off -the-field is where he has his fun, but yeah I think sometimes his personality comes through, as a couple of his touchdown celebrations are just him being him.

During college, did you ever think you would become Darrelle's manager?

Well in college is where I think we both knew we were friends because we had the same interests: girls, cars, having fun and sports. We started hanging out a lot when he went to Pitt. but never in a million years did I think I would work for him haha but I'm glad it worked out this way.

How did you feel when Darrelle was holding out?

I felt just like he did. This is a business and I got a good taste of fans, media, and limelight really quick and I learned from the holdout. He, in my eyes, is the best CB now and he should be paid as such. During it, I knew I could see he wanted to be playing.  He's a hard-working, crazy, competitor  --- even in PS3, so I know he wanted to be out there bad.

How does it feel to have the best job in the world? What does your day consist of?

Best job in the world for me, lol. I guess it is in your eyes too. To me it's like working with your best friend and getting paid for it. It couldn't get much better. My days consist of emails, a lot of phone calls, organizing the day or days coming up. Darrelle is a very busy person these days. I talk to his mom, his family and his agents daily --- just one circle keeping the ball rolling.

How do you work in tandem with Darrelle's agents if one wants to contact Revis about a possible appearance, offer or business opportunity?

I'd say the easiest way to describe it would be that I'm the middle man. You can't get to Darrelle unless you talk to me. So if I feel something looks right, I look at the time and place. Then, if there's numbers involved I'll take it to his agents. Appearances: if Darrelle wants to do it, I'll go ahead and set it up, but I'll get the information on all things Darrelle and then move forward with his agents or his family.

What is Jet$et?

Jet$et is a clothing line I have coming out. Me and Darrelle are both into fashion so I'll be doing that very soon. They are all my ideas and we'll see where that goes, Darrelle would probably be in on it or he will be wearing it.

Will JG Management be taking on new clients anytime in the future?

Yes, I've received a lot of offers. From management teams, to rap artists and other football players but right now I'm just learning from the best position I can learn from. 

Want to see what activities Geiger is engaging in or what he's up to?

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We thank Mr. Geiger for the interview. We also hope and pray Darrelle Revis has a speedy recovery, and that he will be out there locking down receivers and taking prisoners on Revis Island once again soon!