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Tomlinson Never Lost His Burst Speed

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San Diego Chargers' front office and genius GM A.J. Smith, aka the most ruthless GM in the NFL, said LT had nothing left in the tank.

If the veteran running back keeps up with his YPC (yards per carry) and YCo (yards after contact), they may be eating crow soon.

Tomlinson has rushed 22 times for 138 times thus far this season --- a remarkable 6.8 YPC. He is still a phenomenal open-field runner, and can run east-west as well as any back in the NFL. 

Pro Football Focus' Mike Clay tweeted that he is also ranked No. 2 in NFL in YCo.

RB Leader in YCo/Attempt is LeSean McCoy at 5.1 (min 25% of team's snaps) 2. Tomlinson 3. Bradshaw 4. Peterson 5. Hightower 6. McFadden

He's still got it.