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Should Braylon Edwards Have Been Suspended For The Miami Game?

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So twitter has been Jets crazy this morning:

1) A rumour circulated that the Jets were getting ready to cut Braylon Edwards. Of course most people brushed it off as nonsense as it made no logical sense at all. However some were concerned because the rumour originated from Incarcerated Bob who between getting plenty of stories wrong, sometimes (on the odd occasion) hits the nail on the head. Like with the Revis signing. However most Jets tweeters didn't see him as a reliable source, and according to Pro Football Talk, who have done some digging, these rumours are completely false. Lets be honest, they were false form the start.

2) The question of Braylon's "team" punishment has again reared it's ugly head. Wanting to focus just on the football is difficult when people continue to call for his head in relation to his playing status this weekend. After reading several people's opinion, it seemed to be 70%-30% in favour of Braylon playing this weekend and allowing the courts to handle the necessary punishment. Although Braylon said that he would not have fought the Jets if they did decide to suspend him, it would have been against the players unions agreement.

So I thought I'd put this question to the readers of GGN in poll format. It makes it far easier to gage the opinions of people as a whole.

Should the Jets take the punishment into their own hands and hurt the team this weekend by completely suspending him and deactivating him for the game. However at the same time sending a clear message and setting a clear precedent that if you break the law, the team will punish you on top of the courts.

Or should the Jets allow the laws/rules put in place by New York State and the NFL commissioners office to punish Braylon to the extent that has already been agreed upon by law. Make a statement to the team about their conduct off the field (see story yesterday about Rex Ryan) but not put at risk a victory over the divisional rival dolphins by further punishing Braylon.

Personally I'm going with option #2, let the court laws fine him, suspend his license, force him to take classes on the possible ramifications of drunk driving and even do some community service. Let them handle the legal side of his stupidity, and let the Jets do what they are here to do. Win football games.

Pro Football Talk does talk about other incidents involving DUI's which didn't lead to the team suspending the players, including Ronnie Brown and Will Allen from Miami. We can also add Kareem McKenzie of the Giants to that list.

**Braylon has already been told that he will play but will not start this weekend. This poll is purely for finding out how the majority of Jets fans would have handled this situation. If you want to give your reasons for voting either way, go ahead and leave a comment**