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'Fireman Ed' Could Face Simple Assault Charge

If you are a Jets' fan, you know all about Ed Anzalone. Also known as "Fireman Ed," he is the unofficial Jets' mascot who has a long history of being a GangGreen super-fan. If you happen to be lucky enough to be seated anywhere in the vicinity of section 124 where he resides (Per Erik Manassy, our good friend over at JetsTwit), you will hear one man who can unite an entire stadium. When he starts a J-E-T-S chant, the entire stadium reacts to his every movement. He is our spark that gets the crowd going, and he is an intricate 12th man/PSL owner who is present at every home game.

Unfortunately, for his actions during the preseason game against the Giants, he could face simple assault charges. These charges are stemming from his physical altercation with Giants' fan, Christopher Black, which took place during the game (shown below).

According to NJ Star-Ledger, Black's lawyer, Alexander Iler, said an East Rutherford judge agreed to charge Anzalone after a probable cause hearing. While the order was approved, local and county law enforcement officials could not confirm whether Anzalone had been criminally charged as of tonight

Here is a clip showing what happened during the game,

The 51-year-old retired New York City firefighter now resides in East Rutherford, just miles from the stadium. That's just how committed he is. He's a firefighter, and a class act. How about you do the right thing, Mr. Christopher Black, and drop these frivolous charges. Instead of demanding money, let's just watch some football, deal?