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Jets Should Load the Box Against the Wildcat

The Dolphins have scaled back their use of the Wildcat compared to the past. They still will show it. Considering the way they used it to ram the ball down the Jets' throats in the first meeting last year, they might try to utilize it more than in the first two weeks.

Part of the reason the Jets struggled so much in that first game was they mixed their looks. That is not the way to stop it. The way to stop it is to sell out on the run. It is primarily a run formation. Part of the advantage it provides is in taking the quarterback off the field, the offense has an extra blocker. To counter act that, a defense needs to pull its safeties up and load the box.

This leaves a defense with one on one matchups on the outside. The pass is there. The Jets got burned on one early in that game last year that might have made them tentative to attack the formation. I say they should risk the pass. Will they hit some big passes on occasion? Yes, but it puts a running back in a position to do something he is not used to doing. That makes mistakes more likely. Running backs are not used to reading coverage, making quick decisions, and throwing accurate passes.

I'd gladly give up the big play every now and then for a much better shot at slowing the formation down.