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Rex Ryan: "Tired Of The Embarrassment"

After the Ines Sainz situation I'm sure the Jets were looking forward to just focusing on the football side with an important divisional match-up this weekend. Unfortunately Braylon Edwards lack of judgement and pure stupidity has not allowed that to happen, and Rex Ryan is tired of it. Cimini reports:

"Quite honestly, I'm basically tired of dealing with these issues," Ryan told reporters. "I'm tired of the embarrassment to our owner and this organization. Let's just end it. Let's just stop. However severe or minor, we don't need to be that team."

Of course Rex is not completely innocent. He took part in a war of words with Channing Crowder that he later admitted he regretted. He was also caught flipping the bird to some obnoxious Miami fans at an MMA event in January. Incidents which he holds his hands up to

"Obviously, that was an embarrassing moment," Ryan said.

Rex delivered a message to the team Wednesday morning about the players conduct, and it seems the message was received loud and clear, at least by a Rex Ryan favourite, Jim Leonhard:

"He's disappointed," safety Jim Leonhard said. "He gives us a lot of freedom and he expects us to act like professionals. If you're not doing that, he's going to say something. It looks bad on us. It looks bad on the organization."