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Edwards' Girlfriend: 'Braylon Didn't Do Anything Wrong'

Braylon Edwards was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated last night, at 5:15 A.M.. Not too many good things happen at that hour. Most people are sleeping, or waking up for work. However, Edwards and his teammates were still out partying after attending Jerricho Cotchery's foundation event.

This is a tough time for everyone. For Edwards, and especially for his teammates, with Miami Dolphins game coming up this weekend on Sunday Night Football, as Jets look to avenge last year's sweep. So there's no time for distractions, no time for outlandish statements, right?


In speaking with NYDN and Manish Mehta, Braylon's girlfriend, Ashley Weatherspoon, released the following statement: [per Manish's Tweet]

Ashley Weatherspoon (Braylon's g-friend) told Daily News:"At end of day, every1 will see that Braylon didn't do anything wrong"


If having two liquor drinks (one for him, one for The Beard) in front of you while playing poker at a charity event throughout the night is wrong, then I don't want to be right. The fact is, he blew twice over the legal limit, he shouldn't have been driving. The Jets have a system for players in which they will even provide transportation for him! Yet he chose to endanger the lives of the three other passengers in his vehicle, and everyone else on the road. Just a ludicrous, ignorant statement, IMO.