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Darrelle Revis/Calvin Pace Won't Play Against Dolphins

Cimini just reported it from the Rex Ryan news conference:

Darrelle Revis and Calvin Pace won't play Sunday, Rex Ryan announces. Revis won't make trip to Miami.

Jason Taylor was limited today but he is expected to play. Mangold did not practise with his troublesome shoulder, but he is also expected to play.

This isn't surprising, I don't think anyone expected either of them to suit up. I'd rather we sit Revis to make sure no long term damage is done anyway, rather than rush him back. Calvin Pace is getting closer but week 3 always seemed a little too soon for him. He could play week 4 against the Bills, or more likely week 5 against the Vikings.

Cromartie will be entrusted to deal with Marshall, and I think they match up quite well. Marshall is a more physical wide receiver than Randy Moss, but Cromartie really impressed me with his coverage on Sunday. They are familiar with each other having been in the same conference for so long.