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Tannenbaum: Braylon Edwards Will Play Sunday

Mike Tannenbaum says Braylon Edwards' arrest will not keep him off the field Sunday

Braylon's actions clearly come under the purview of the league's substance abuse policy," Tannenbaum said. "This is going to have to run its course through the legal system, and any discipline that occurs will be by the league under that program."

I get what Tannenbaum is saying, and I know the CBA prevents the Jets from taking certain courses of action.

Even so, here is what we know.

Edwards allegedly had a 0.16% BAC, twice the legal limit.

It takes somewhere between eight or nine drinks for a 213 pound man to get to that point so it's tough to envision somebody not realizing they were in no shape to drive.

Braylon was out with Donte Stallworth the night Stallworth drove drunk and killed somebody, which one would believe have left a lasting impact.


I'll be honest. I have issues with Braylon playing this game. He is innocent until proven guilty. I think the Jets should go to him directly and ask him to be honest. If he admits he was wrong, they should sit him for this game. If he insists innocence, the Jets should let it play out and make it clear he will be hit harder if he is found to have done wrong.

A relevant analogy would be the University of Florida suspending Carlos Dunlap after a similar arrest just before last year's SEC Championship Game against Alabama.

The Jets need to make it clear what kind of behavior is acceptable. There need to be consequences. You might argue that athletes shouldn't be role models, but the reality is they are. There are more important things than winning a game. The Jets need to set an example.