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Tuesday Morning Quarterback

I know, it's the afternoon, not morning. But here's some observations and thoughts from last week's game, as well as a look into next week.

Before we get too into that, let me touch up on the Braylon Edwards ordeal. I want him to stay. Yes, a DWI is a serious offense, and he could have easily killed somebody. No one is defending that. He deserves whatever he gets from the court as well as any Jets/NFL punishments. But Braylon Edwards, before this incident, has shown to me that he wants to stay here. He knows there's only a certain number of returning players, and he wants to be one of them. When you're intoxicated, as many of us can attest, your judgement is clouded, and he did not keep his priorities in order. I can forgive this if it never happens again. If it does, I want no part of this guy.

Anyway, let's get onto my scattered thoughts from Sunday's game:

-   During this Moss vs. Revis hype, I kind of thought to myself that Cromartie would have been better suited to cover Moss, leaving Revis on Welker. Let's look at Cromartie: he's huge, and take long strides. Not the ideal stop-and-go kind of corner. He's quick, but being that tall and lanky, it's just not possible to keep up with a superb route-runner like Welker. Revis, however, could. So you take Welker out of the game, leaving a Cromartie vs. Moss matchup. Moss does not run many quick, in-and-out routes. Perfect for Cromartie to deal with, and that's why Cromartie was so successful against Moss. Not to mention, he's probably the only corner who can match Moss's height advantage.

-  I was surprised on how badly D'Bickashaw Ferguson played. I don't know if it's because he's trying to help Slauson, but he was beat a few times and got Sanchez wacked. He must play better.

- Brodney Pool, when healthy, is going to be HUGE for the Jets.

- I like this idea of giving the ball to LaDanian Tomlinson a lot early in the season. As the rest of the league wears down, a fresher Shonn Greene will dominate into the playoffs.

- Sanchez is the guy.

- Jason Taylor has heart. You injure an arm, come back in to make the game sealing sack aganst a double team, and re-injure it in the process? That's a team player.

- Steve Weatherford has been awesome.

Now, thoughts and notes on next Sunday's matchup against Miami, after the Jump:

-  Stopping the run will be the key. Marshall will get his catches, but they will be for short yards. Must not let him get YACs.

- Conversely, the Jets must run early and often. Look for Jericho and Keller to have big games, because Vontae Davis is playing very well for Miami.

- The Dolphins pass rush is overrated. They have faced an under-achieving offensive line, and the worst offensive line in the league. The Jets line is a whole other animal.

- Chad Henne will make mistakes.

-  Sanchez has had success against Miami, but this is a new defense he's going against.

And finally, 3 things that will not happen in week 3:

1. Tennessee will go with Kerry Collins at QB as he leads the team to the playoffs.

2. The Chargers decide to be productive with their resources, and decide to either re-sign or trade Vincent Jackson.

3. Ryan Fitzpatrick actually lights a spark into the Bills offense, as they upset the Patriots on the road.