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Bleacher Report: 'Jets may be better off without Revis'

Yesterday, the ambitious writers over at Bleacher Report were hard at work.

If you ask me, the Jets may be better off without Revis for a few weeks.  

Since the season opener against Baltimore, the Jets secondary improved tremendously going up against top receivers like Wes Welker and Randy Moss

No team is ever better without their star player, no matter the situation. If Revis were covering WR Brandon Marshall this week, that would allow CB Antonio Cromartie or CB Kyle Wilson to cover WR Davone Bess. Let's face it, that's a matchup that both Wilson or Cromartie would dominate. 

What would this allow the Jets to do? It would allow them to play man coverage in the secondary, which in turn would allow them to have both safeties cheat up to stop the run. Jets could stack eight men in the box every play to stifle Miami's run game and that gimmicky garbage they call the 'wildcat.